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Are you dealing with anxiety?

Welcome to My Blog if you are new!

How I can help you with anxiety today....

If you are just getting caught up on my blogs, my name is Giti Caravan. I am the owner of Caravan Counselling and I provide a integrative approach to counselling services to empower you to go from where you are and who you are, to where you want to be and who you want to be. This month I am talking about the anxiety we are all feeling today. I will be going live this month to introduce my program I have custom created on how to deal with anxiety in a post Covid world.

With the right strategy, and professional guidance, each of you will be able to move forward and claim your power overcoming anxiety.


For an average person in todays world anxiety and just the thought of going through a day and getting a simple task done causes anxiety...and it's not just a simple concern or worry. We are suffering today and can not handle uncertainty and we are not able to control our situations in our lives today. We are overwhelmed with overthinking feelings with increasing results of depression on how to stop the worry cycle. We force ourselves to be peaceful and the peace that comes with force is anxiety.

How I can help you

In my counselling I have many opportunities for you to overcome your anxiety. I am a service that uses integrative therapies an treatments that can help you with anxiety. Cognitive Behavioral treatment, Psychoanalysis. Hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programing, will help you to gain control over your life again. These treatments have created a positive outcome.

Follow me on social media for more information on how to overcome your anxiety today and keep up to date with events and workshops.

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