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Urgent Petition:Redirect the Budget from the Proposed Downtown Library to an Indoor Park

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Dear residents of Saskatoon, we hope this message finds you in good spirits.



We are reaching out as passionate members of our Saskatoon community, urging your attention to a critical matter that directly affects the emotional well-being of our residents by building an Indoor Park. It is a place where people can go for long walks, enjoy the indoor greenery, visit the art displays, and listen to street artists play music and sing. Small things can bring back social life to the city during the wintertime. Budget contributions by the City of Saskatoon can be matched or augmented by donors, including large Saskatchewan companies, banks, or other businesses, in exchange for name recognition and advertisement. Such an Indoor Park would be more than a building, an emotional sanctuary where the community comes together, defying winter's isolation through shared experiences, art, and connection.


We, the undersigned residents of Saskatoon, are proposing a shift in budget allocation from the proposed downtown library towards an Indoor Park for community connection. This budget redirection is a transformative solution toward more efficient use of public funds to benefit a much broader population. Such an Indoor Park will be viewed as a haven of warmth and connection for all residents of Saskatoon.


The Unseen Toll of Winter Isolation:

Saskatoon is a vibrant and beautiful city. Still, the harsh winter brings with it not just biting winds and icy landscapes but a silent struggle that often goes unnoticed— social isolation exasperated by the winter blues. As residents of Saskatoon, we know too well the emotional toll the winter season can take on our community. The isolation, compounded by the frigid weather, casts a long and chilling shadow on the mental health of our fellow residents.


The findings of recent studies are nothing short of alarming: in Saskatchewan, nearly one in five children has experienced suicidal ideation, one in ten reported an increase in self-harm, and a staggering 38 percent declared that their overall mental health has worsened since 2020. These are not just statistics; these are the voices of our children crying out for help, desperately seeking resources to boost resiliency in the community that a surge in feelings of depression and anxiety during these frigid months.


Proposed Solution:

The proposed indoor park is more than just a structure; it's a beacon of hope during our harshest months. Imagine a space where families can come together, children can play, and individuals can find solace, breaking the barriers imposed by winter's isolation. This initiative aligns with the urgent need to address the mental health challenges exacerbated by the harsh Saskatoon winter.


The proposed Indoor Park aims to compensate for the social isolation intensified by winter, offering a space where the people of Saskatoon can embrace diversity, share laughter, and build meaningful connections despite the cold outside.


Your Support Matters:

Please sign the petition for building an Indoor Park in Saskatoon.


Together, let's prioritize the emotional well-being of Saskatoon, creating a community where winter doesn't mean isolation. Your support can catalyze change, bringing warmth and connection to every corner of our beloved city.


Thank you for your time, consideration, and commitment to the vibrancy of Saskatoon.

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