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Have you ever wondered what life could be like if the weight of anxiety no longer held you back from your true potential?

Are you ready to discover the empowering feeling of having order in your mind instead of the chaos of anxiety?

Embark on a transformative journey with our Six-Session Program to treat anxiety and boost overall health by 40%.

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At Caravan Counselling in Saskatoon, we offer the best treatment for anxiety "Our mission is to "deal with it once and for all"; we understand the debilitating impact of stress on both mental and physical health. That's why we've crafted a specialized six-session program meticulously designed to treat anxiety and enhance your overall health and performance by 40%. Let’s explore the unique features and benefits of our transformative program.

Embark on a transformative journey with our Six-Session Program to treat anxiety and boost overall health by 40%. Discover the path to a healthier, more serene life.
The primary aim of this transformative six-session program is to alleviate anxiety and enhance overall health significantly. This ambitious goal is rooted in the understanding that the unconscious mind plays a pivotal role in the formation and perpetuation of anxiety disorders. By reprogramming your unconscious mind, we intend to foster a profound and lasting change in your emotional well-being, leading to improved mental health, reduced anxiety levels, and an overall quality of life.

Integrating Diverse Therapy Methods Makes Caravan Counselling Different!

Our unique, innovative model combines the strengths of various established therapeutic methods, creating a multi-dimensional treatment plan tailored to everyone to reprogram your unconscious mind.


Scientific Foundations

Our program is grounded in the latest scientific research, ensuring that every technique and tool you learn has been tested and proven effective. We combine psychological expertise with holistic health principles to create a program that is as effective as empowering.

Anxiety is a complex and multifaceted condition that affects not just mental health but also physical well-being. Considering this interconnectedness, Caravan Counselling has developed a treatment model that targets both aspects, ensuring our clients a more balanced and healthy life.

You are laying the Groundwork for change to establish the foundation for your transformation. You’ll learn about the nature of anxiety, how it affects your body, and the mindset needed to embark on this journey of change.

You’ll be equipped with a toolkit of strategies to manage anxiety. You’ll learn to calm the storm inside, from breathing exercises to cognitive reframing. 


Overall Health

What sets Caravan Counselling's model apart is its emphasis on overall health. By addressing anxiety, we aim to enhance your productivity and focus, improve sleep patterns, increase energy levels, and promote better lifestyle choices, contributing to overall mental and physical health.

Our program is built on the premise that treating anxiety involves more than just addressing mental symptoms; it’s about enhancing the whole person. We employ evidence-based techniques throughout six sessions to reprogram your unconscious mind to reach holistic healing and well-being by being able to trust yourself.


Embracing change for a healthier you in today’s fast-paced world, anxiety has become a relentless silent shadow that follows many of us. It's not just about feeling stressed or overwhelmed; it’s about how these feelings can impact every facet of our lives. 


Techniques for Long-Term Wellness

Resilience is your armour against anxiety. This session focuses on building long-term strategies to strengthen your mental and emotional resilience.

Program Objectives

At Caravan Counselling, we are committed to helping you treat your anxiety and improve your overall health. Our program consists of:

Direct access to the subconscious

 We start our work by accessing the subconscious mind, where many anxiety triggers and patterns reside. This direct access allows for effective and deep-rooted changes in behaviour and thought patterns.

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Identifying the Roots of Chaos and Bring Order into Your Mind

Understanding Anxiety recognizing its patterns and mental chaos to reverse it.

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Rapid relief from symptoms

Many individuals experience relief from anxiety symptoms quickly, a key advantage over some traditional therapies that may take longer to show results.

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Mapping Anxiety Triggers

Pinpointing specific thoughts and situations that cause disarray.

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Many individuals experience relief from anxiety symptoms quickly, a key advantage over some traditional therapies that may take longer to show results.

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Re-structuring Thoughts

Using cognitive-behavioural strategies to create a logical flow of thinking.

How it works - A 6 Session Program


Unconscious patterns and building a foundation through learning how your unconscious mind programs your behaviour and emotions.


Dive into a journey that will reveal and uncover the subconscious patterns' pathways


Cognitive Restructuring - Bringing Order in Your Mind: Discover the Foundations of Your Power 


Emotional Regulation - We delve deeper into emotional processing techniques, an essential step in releasing the grip of the unconscious mind over its emotional state.


Differentiating Between Conscious-Unconscious Need: Feel Your Power


Integration of conscious intentions with subconscious mechanisms.

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