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Let Caravan Counselling help you to unlock your greatness and achieve what you want in your life.

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Giti Caravan's Qualifications


Canadian Certified Counselor

Canadian Counselling Association

Masters of Education

Educational Psychology, Counselling, University of Saskatchewan

Additional Certifications


1. Certified Trainer of Neuro- Linguistic-Programming
2. Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy
3. Certified Trainer of Neuro- Linguistic-Programming Coach
4. Certified Trainer of Time-Line Therapy
5. Certified Medical Intuitive
6. Ericksonian Hypnosis
7. Advances Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
8. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
9. Date with Destiny with Anthony Robbins
10. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
11. Diploma of The Work of Byron Katie International
12. Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique
13. Emotional Freedom Technique for Groups
14. Spiritual Psychology in Counselling
15. Couple Counselling
16. Design Human Engineering
17. Neuro- Hypnotic Re-Patterning

Additional Qualifications


18. Advances in Energy Psychology
19. Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique Basic Course
20. Core Belief Engineering in Counseling 
21. Health Program Planning and Evaluation
22. Leadership Course in Effective Speaking
23. Health Promotion
24. Assessment Component of Employment Counselling
25. Group Facilitation
26. Advance Career Counselling
27. Intermediate Career Counselling
28. Basic Career Counselling
29. Self-Harm Behavior in Youth Issue and Strategies
30. Responding to Trauma
31. Spiritual Psychology and Counseling Course
32. The law of Attraction
33. Discover Your True Self: A Guide to Spiritual Practice and the Soul
34. Total transformation program (Parenting Based on Problem Solving)
35. Positive Psychology
36. Mindfulness and Psychotherapy
37. Treatment for Chronic Pain from Trauma
38. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
39. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Personality Disorder
40. Holistic Treatment
41. The Art of Extreme of Self-Care
42. Neuro- Linguistic-Programming Practitioner (Tad James)
43. Neuro- Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Coach (Tad James)
44. Neuro- Linguistic-Programming Master Practitioner (Tad James)
45. Hypnotherapy (Tad James)
46. The Work for Self Awareness
47. Solution Oriented Based Therapy
48. Life Coaching
49. Who Are You?
50. Matrix of Future Building
51. Master- Time-Line Therapy
52. Master Hypnotherapy
53. Charisma Building (Richard Bandler)
54. Neuro- Linguistic-Programming Master Practitioner (Richard Bandler)
55. Neuro- Linguistic-Programming Practitioner (Richard Bandler)

56. Present TEAM-CBT Therapist Level 2 Certification
57. Certified TEAM-CBT Therapist Level 1 Certification
58. High-Speed, Drug-Free: Treatment for Anxiety-Disorders
59. Building Resilience and Enhancing Treatment Outcomes
60. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Treatment for Border Personality Specialized
61. Clinical Training Gottman Methods of Couples Therapy Bridging the Couples Chasm
62. How to Work with the Part of Trauma That Can’t Be Verbalized
63. Anger Management
64. Executive Coach
65. NLP Coach
66. Time Line Therapy
67. Life Coach
68. Spiritual Psychology and Counseling
69. Holistic Treatment in Psychotherapy
70. Solution Brief Oriented Therapy
71. Mindfulness and Psychotherapy
72. Access Bars
73. Treatment for Chronic Pain
74. Individual Counselling
75. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
76. Personality Disorders
77. Self-Harm Behaviour in Youth: Issues and Strategies
78. Responding to Trauma
79. Sex Therapy
80. Advances in Energy Psychology
81. Emotional Freedom Technique
82. Training for Instructors
83. Assessment Component of Employment Counseling
84. Career Counselling

85. Neuro-repatterning Hypnotherapy

86. Family System Therapy

87, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) treating Trauma

88. Internal Family System Therapy

89. Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Combining Gitis’ extensive training and experience and her own successes and life lessons, she will measure, monitor, manage and support you to ensure you create a game plan to reach and maintain your desired results. Giti believes you have the inner strength, courage, and resources required to overcome whatever you are struggling with when you tap on those resources. It is simply a matter of recovering all those seemingly lost resources while simultaneously removing all existing barriers.

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