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What is Confidence?

Your power lies within you. The only way you can unleash your power is to be confident.

Confidence comes from what you think about your abilities. In other words, confidence is a self-perception that you have in the core of your being. What you think about yourself will show in your actions. Having power comes from being in harmony with yourself, knowing yourself, and being connected with your inner strength. You can then be free from your limitations and become an exceptional person who is reliant on your strengths. When the creative spirit rises, you become curious about your abilities, are not afraid to act, and are not afraid to move towards achieving your vision.

Being at peace with yourself allows you to capitalize on your strengths, which then builds confidence. A source of wealth and power is having a positive attitude about your abilities and transforming those abilities into actions. When you harness your power, you master your potential and can reach what you desire. You are then confident and ready to do whatever it takes to reach your goal. When you do things that once seemed impossible and you thought were beyond your abilities, you gain strength, courage, and confidence. You begin to trust that you are able to do anything. Confidence comes from the way you think about your abilities, and the way that you think about your abilities affects your performance. It’s a magic circle: if you think you can do it, then you take action and do it, and gain more confidence along the way. The inner power that you gain by doing the hardest thing is the seed of confidence that will foster confidence in your future.

Confidence is like your appearance, but it is one of the qualities from your inner wardrobe. You cannot wear all of your wardrobes at once, but how you wear different pieces shows your taste, creativity, and resourcefulness. You have resources in your inner wardrobe that you mix and match together that show who you are. To make the best of your resources, you pick the ones that suit you the most according to the situation you face. The greater your confidence, the more resourceful you become, and the more able you are to use the resources you have. You can fulfill your highest potential by being more resourceful and creative, which results in making complicated situations simpler.

If you want to be confident, you must learn to think confidently. Confidence is the strong belief that you have about yourself. In other words, confidence is how you see yourself in your mind. These beliefs will start to show in your actions; you start to perform and act confidently. Building confidence is a journey, not a destination. To become more confident, you must be passionate in your pursuit of a more significant future. Confidence can also be viewed as a chain of habitual actions. First, you make a wish, then you fulfill your own wish, achieve your goal, and, finally, keep track of what you have achieved.

Confidence is a set of mental skills that you can build. Self- confidence is something that you learn to develop, and one that will continue to develop as long as you practice your skills. Being confident depends on a combination of good physical health, emotional health, and social health. The challenges of life — be they physical, mental, or social — generally deflate self-confidence. For example, any mental or emotional illness or trauma can damage self-confidence. Any physical illness or challenge can also put a dent in your confidence. In contrast, recovery from those illnesses helps to build confidence. Furthermore, social crises such as gossip, backstabbing, and humiliation can substantially reduce your confidence. Responding to and rebounding from these challenges is what strengthens confidence.

Faith in your abilities is confidence. Confidence is a peace of mind, the master key where all power lies. Confidence opens the door to health, joy, and wisdom. Confidence is faith in yourself and belief in your unseen potential. Self-confidence is being ready for life’s opportunities as they present themselves. Having some faith in yourself and your abilities — even those you have not yet seen — will give you the courage you need to take action in your life.

Giti Caravan holds a BA in Clinical Psychology and Masters in Counselling, with more than 20 certifications of training in new-age and cutting-edge approaches to training. She is a Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the American Board of NLP Coaches, and the American Board of Timeline Therapy. To contact her call (306) 242-6688 in Saskatoon, email address

For more information about her Counselling and Psychotherapy Services, Intervention Services, Hypnotherapy Treatments, Training and Coaching Services, please visit

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