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Unlock your greatness and achieve what you want in your life.

The problem is that your level of anxiety is so high that it affects your functionality in personal and social life so much so that it becomes difficult for you to live

a meaningful life.

If you are trying hard to control your situation and feel overwhelmed and out of control. The overwhelming feelings are the results of obsession on how to stop the worry cycle, even when you know that your anxiety is more extreme than the actual situation. Also, you will find that you force yourself to be peaceful and the peace that comes with force is anxiety.


If you feel you have had any of these symptoms listed below you could be suffering from some form of anxiety today:

1. Are you anxious about your future?

2. Do you have self-doubts too often?

3. Do you become anxious and worry too quickly?

4. Have you been suffering from anxiety for too long?

5. Are you persistently having excessive worry about a number of different things?

The most important point here is to distinguish if you worry only from time to time or if you have an anxiety disorder. With General Anxiety Disorder, worry is usually tense and not controllable, lasts for at least six months, see if you have three or more of the symptoms below.

  • Have a sense of threatening danger, panic, or doom

  • Have an increased heart rate

  • Breath rapidly (hyperventilate), sweat, and/or tremble

  • Feel weak or tired

  • Have difficulty concentrating

  • Have trouble sleeping

  • Experiencing gastrointestinal (GI) problems

If you have more than three of these symptoms I would love to hear from you helping you to unlock your greatness and achieve what you want in your life.

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