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Happy Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is a special occasion because it reminds us to celebrate our mom’s role as our very first and by far our strongest caregiver, perpetual supporter, and unwavering fan. This day is also special because, without a deliberate decision to notice, a mother’s role in our very existence is often taken for granted, much like the vital role of the air we habitually breathe goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Mothers are the prime example that the foundation of everything positive in our lives is love; they embody the power of love. Mothers are our original source of nurturing, peace, and safety in our lives; without their love, we would have perished.

Mothers are also the informal teachers in our very first school of life. Her most important gift was to teach us to feel important, unique, and worthwhile. She taught us to be whole, grow, and have the desire

to continue growing with a healthy view of ourselves. As such, our relationship with our mom is the most important and fundamental relationship in our lives. One in which we first learn to trust and then practice, and become masters in receiving and giving love in our future relationships.

She hosted us in her body and hosted us since when we were born. Our special host made us the most important person in her life and worked without hesitation and around the clock to keep us content, safe, and happy. Mothers mould our core personality and instill in us our sense of confidence and believing in ourselves. By providing a sense of safety and security, mothers allow their babies to develop and rise to their own power. Mothers remind us that we are not alone, and we would always have to have a mentor.

In addition to performing a vital role in shaping us and the family, mothers play a crucial role in the society. Mothers are the trainers who lead us into exercising a healthy attachment with another person as well as with the society. Through this important contribution, they are also a powerful force for social integration and union.

A mother's main purpose is to love her children with all her heart. She pours all her energies into her children’s cup to teach and help them pour their energy into their own lives and overflow into others. She withholds her wants and needs and does everything to fulfill those of her children and family first. If she is a working mom, she still manages to get her job done, while managing the needs of her family well, without them having to ask.

One of the most meaningful heroine roles that a mother plays is the position of a nurturer. She contributes to the universe by providing her gifts through nurturing her children. When a child receives this nurturing power, s/he learns to trust her/his mom and then trust the world. This is a nurturing relationship that has physical, emotional, and social developmental consequences for the baby. The unique relationship that every child and mother enjoys sets the foundation for the child's personality, life choices, and overall behaviour.

The bond between a mother and her child has a strong foundation in trust and nurturing and results in concrete associations. Trust is the essential part of nurturing a positive parent-child relationship. Developing this trust in the early months and years of life is critical and necessary for the healthy maturation of a person. A baby will feel secure when s/he can learn they can trust mom as their primary guardians to meet their needs. When a child receives love from his/her mother, s/he starts to give it to others.

The strong belief of our mother in us in early childhood is what starts the development of a healthy opinion of ourselves and then the world around us. Mothers teach us to have confidence and belief in our abilities. You are ‘a’ person in the eyes of others but for your mom, you are ‘the’ person, and you are her entire world. She believes in you more than anybody in the world, including yourself; that's why you learned to sand up on your own, to be self-sufficient, strong, and continue to grow.

So, on this occasion, let’s all take a moment to reflect on the enormous and fundamental role our mom has played in shaping who we are as a person today. Let’s send our heartfelt thank their way for all the unnoticed and unappreciated work they have done for us.

If for any reason, you feel you have unresolved issues with your mother, it is important for your own mental health not to ignore, deny, or fight it internally, and instead accept and face the issue and take concrete steps by consulting a professional to find the best way to resolve the issue once and for all.

With this, I would like to honour the memory of my mom, who was the best gift in my life. She taught me life is a school, and I was very fortunate to have trusted her, always. I would like to say; God bless your spirit, Mom!

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