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3 Tips to Avoid New Years Resolutions Fails

In this interview with CTV in Saskatoon, I talk about New Years resolutions. Specifically, 3 tips to avoid New Years resolution fails.

Here is the full text transcript. See video version below.

"Better human being.

Hss always, it's always to lose weight, but it lasts for about three days.

And that seems to be the trend among many people who set New Year's resolutions, whether it's fitness, financial, or relationship focused.

This life coach says it's common for goals to fall through within the first week of January.

Usually people from mid December start to think about New year resolution, and then, you know what, by one week it just falls apart.

Caravan says she has three main tips to avoid New Year's resolutions falling through.

The first thing is that, uh, curate a goal, that it really puts a spark in you.

She says, goals that have no purpose often fail, so it's important to outline your ambition, which leads to her second piece of advice.

The Second thing is that why you want it? What is the reason that you want it? What is the goal is so different this year from last year.

To avoid your resolutions from failing Year after year, Caravan advises people to break down goals into steps.

The third thing is that those small things, the journey of a thousand miles start with one step at a time.

The Life coach also recommends keeping track of your goals and focusing on your strengths rather than your setbacks in 2018. Laura Woodward, CTV News, Saskatoon."

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