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Hypnosis for Weight Loss


Have you tried dieting, along with every form of different exercise but still can’t ditch the weight?

Are you constantly being conscious about and unhappy with your weight?

Has your weight gone up gradually over the past few years?

Have you repeatedly tried losing weight over the years?

Have you tried various diets to lose weight only to find they do not work long-term?

Do you feel like you are endlessly seeking a new magical diet that works?

Did you lose some weight and then gained it right back or even more?


If these questions resonate with you and if you answered yes to some, then you may want to continue reading to see how you can approach your weight issue at a deeper level by learning to shift your strategies of mind.

Have you hired trainers and nutritionists but didn’t get any results?


There may be another professional you’re overlooking, one who holds the key to keeping your weaknesses from winning.

Losing weight and keeping it off needs a holistic approach that requires not just fitness training, but proper diet, acknowledging why you may overeat, and recognizing how to push yourself toward modify.

The mind can be influenced to change habits like overeating. Hypnosis may be more effective than diet and exercise alone for people looking to lose weight.


How We're Different:

At Caravan Counselling Services, we can assist you to achieve bad habits like eating too little or too much and achieve self-image issues and confidence problems. We can provide you everything you need to know about Hypnosis for weight loss.

Speak to an expert, Let Caravan Counselling help you to unlock your greatness and achieve what you want in your life.

What should you do instead of dieting then? In a nutshell, you should deal with the root causes of your weight problem by changing your strategies of mind.

In Caravan Counselling, we will help you by enabling you to reprogram your unconscious mind. This means you will be able to effectively change your eating habits which can lead to addressing the root cause of your weight problem.


Unconscious Mind

Your unconscious mind is the infinite power that is shaping your life experiences. Even the patterns of your conscious mind have been coded and guided by your subconscious beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and interpretations. In other words, your subconscious mind is the conductor of the symphony of your life. It is the part of you that builds all of your habits, and your pre-programmer that designs all of your actions. This includes all of your responses in every situation, be it the actions you take each day, or even the level of income you earn to the types of food you eat, the shape of your body, your weight. Therefore, your actions will change only when you change the programs that guide all of your actions.


Through Our Weight Loss Program You Will Learn:


About your eating habits and the psychology behind what you eat.

About the key psychological ingredients that are related to effective self-control.

About the fundamental steps in your weight loss journey.

About effective and practical strategies to resist temptations and stick to your long-term goals.

How one small change in mental strategy can make a huge and long-lasting difference.

How to avoid weight loss scams and useless supplements.

How to become capable of losing your extra weight and keeping it off for life.

How to develop healthy eating habits.

How to create habits that fulfill your needs and your lifestyle.

How to control your eating or binging urges.

Who We Are:

Caravan Counselling is a privately-owned psychotherapy center, catering to the needs of individuals, couples, and groups. We utilize state-of-the-art and innovative techniques to help engage, motivate, and empower our clients towards positive change in various aspects of their lives.

Caravan counselling strives to provide quality counselling customized to each client's individual needs. We pay particular attention to the mind-body connection. We use a host of effective methods in order to help our clients achieve the growth and life goals they desire. This includes state-of-the-art psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural, dialectical behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming methods.

In Caravan Counselling, we will help you by enabling you to reprogram your unconscious mind. This means you will be able to effectively change your eating habits which can lead to addressing the root cause of your weight problem.

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Our Goals, Mission, and Philosophy Weight Loss:

Our goal is to help our clients work through their issues, adjust to positive change, and live a meaningful and productive life. We do this by empowering “you” as the highest power in your own life. Living a meaningful life means being connected with “yourself” first, knowing who you are, and what you want from your life. Living a valuable life also means contributing value to other people’s lives in order to make a greater world. Empowerment here refers to gaining the ability to take responsibility for yourself and nourishing your abilities to bring out your best. In other words, enabling you to make conscious efforts to live in a place of fulfilment, compassion, and open-heartedness.


Our mission is to provide a space for empowered healing of our clients which includes psychological underlying causes of weight gain. We believe that overcoming the unwanted weight gain will allow a person to better deal with other stresses of life as well.


Our approach to treatment is based on the belief that no single school of therapy fits all needs. We believe that each client is more than a diagnosis case and needs more than traditional manualized treatments. Hence, to evoke responsiveness in our clients, we use an integrative model and offer intervention plans that are based on the latest knowledge and research.


Our philosophy is based on the understanding that eating disorders and related food and body image issues are multidimensional. This includes psychological, emotional, behavioural, social, relational, familial, as well as physiological and neurological components. With this philosophy in mind, we offer a multidimensional approach to treatment designed to support complete recovery.

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