Autumn Is The Season That You Build Confidence!

We are in Autumn now, let’s embrace it with awareness. Autumn is the season to pause and reflect on what you have done this year and be grateful for your achievements. It’s the time to reap the benefit of what you have worked for, although it’s not about the amount of your harvest, rather it’s about the awareness that it’s time to reap.

Autumn is the season where you build confidence. To be grateful for the courage that you had in order to take action. It’s the time when you observe that fruits have replaced blossoms and leaves become colorful as flowers. You also get to witness the bare structure of a tree, the core of the tree that wouldn’t freeze from the cold or sweat from the heat. Harvest what you have worked hard for in the spring and summer; now its time to reap the benefit of all your efforts. Use this time to reap your harvest, reflect, and appreciate what you have worked for. It is time to be thankful and celebrate what you have created. Be proud of your work and be mindful of what you want to keep, what you want to let go of, and what you want to keep as seeds for next year to re-grow. You can acknowledge and enjoy the season are you in, no matter which season you are in.

If you contemplate, the red leaves can remind you of what to celebrate, the yellow leaves can be a reminder of the gold stars you should put on your shoulder for your courage and achievements, green leaves can remind you to re-grow more of the same thing in the future in order to continue doing what works for you, and finally discolored and withered leaves can remind you to let go. When you see the bare tree, be reminded to stand strong in the core through different situations. Be reminded that while we can’t control what happens outside of us, we can control our responses to the outside changes. Dance with the wind, stay rooted and grounded, and continue to grow no matter your age. Be present, work with the season you are in.

Life too has four seasons, and in fact, everything in the universe has seasons. We must understand the seasons of life, otherwise, we may not understand the real meaning of life. Just as seasons in nature, in our lives, we evolve as we go through the seasons. There is wisdom in every season; the key is to go along with the season and not to resist it. Do the work that the season requires you to do. Be aware of the season and see it as a clue for you to learn your role and know what you need to do.

According to the law of change, everything changes, except the law of change itself. Nothing remains the same or lasts for eternity. Change is always in our way. There are times that we sow and there are times that we reap, and they don’t come together. The seasons don’t co-exist but they come one after another for us to learn and grow.

Learn from every season you are in so you can go to the next season stronger and smarter. Every season has lessons of life for us. Through awareness, we can really know what those lessons are. Be aware of the season that you are in!

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