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Hypnosis has been delineated to be an effective treatment for several individuals with fears or phobias. Several people suffer from a phobia of one form or another and while for few it can be excessively distressing but manageable, for others it can be debilitating.


People with phobias will either move to great lengths to avert whatever it is they fear, or they will endure it with considerable anxiety. For a few people, a phobia can certainly trigger panic attacks. In most cases, the phobia can end up precisely controlling a person’s life.


Here is a list of the common fears and phobias that Caravan Counselling Services get consulted about:


  • Darkness – Nyctophobia

  • Crowds – Demophobia

  • Dentists – Odontophobia

  • Flying – Aviatopophobia

  • Enclosed spaces – Claustrophobia

  • Heights – Acrophobia

  • Speaking in public – Glossophobia

  • Water – Hydrophobia

  • Needles – Aichmophobia

  • Spiders – Arachnophobia

  • Open Spaces – Agoraphobia

The number of hypnosis sessions needed for efficiently dealing with phobias certainly varies and depends on many factors, involving how long the person has had the phobia, how sternly the phobia affects them, their maturity and how determined they are to be free from the phobia.

Speak to an expert, Let Caravan Counselling help you with your phobia treatment.



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