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Negative Emotions


Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have a hard time letting go of a negative emotion that feels painful, an emotion you wish you could make disappear?


What Negative Emotion Do You Hide?

Negative emotions block the flow of energy in the body. The latest thinking in quantum biology indicates that emotions trapped in the body have the real possibility of creating functional blockages in the neurology, the nervous system, so trapped emotions could actually cause the brain to send wrong signals to the various organs in the body, or perhaps no signals at all! That means that trapped emotions in the body, which we haven’t let go of, can be not only the source of discomfort but also the source of other physical problems like a heart attack.

Caravan Counselling Services is here to help you deal with emotions like anger, anxiety, bitterness, confusion, despair, disappointment, embarrassment, fear, frustration, grief, hatred, impatience, loneliness, pain, regret, sadness, unworthiness, worry and other negative emotions. We can help you not to get stuck in the negativity that prevents you from moving forward.

You don’t have to learn to live with negative emotions. You don’t have to learn to keep it under control, you don’t have to stuff it. Our session on Negative Emotions is about letting go of emotions from the past. 

Picture your unconscious mind like you would a closet. If your closet hasn’t been cleaned out in a while and is filled with old clothes that you never got rid of…is there room in that closet for beautiful new clothes…probably not. Only if you empty out some of the old things and make space for the new ones. Your Unconscious Mind is similar. If it’s filled up with negative emotions from years and years of not having life turn out totally the way you wanted it to…there’s not much room for a happy wonderful future because it’s still filled with the negative impressions of the past. So, in order to make room for the good things we want…we first must get rid of the bad and make room for the good.

Using our methods and approaches, we can enable you to go back in time along your lifetime and eliminate those negative emotions and limiting decisions that are attached to specific memories that are hindering you in the present. You will be able to eliminate any emotion from the past and create anything you want in your future. That it is possible for us to clear out all our anger from the past is the next secret. 

Speak to an expert, Let Caravan Counselling help you to unlock your greatness and achieve what you want in your life.



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