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Limited Decisions


The limited decisions we have made in the past keep us from making good decisions in the present time to prepare a fulfilling future or the life that we desire. If you are the ones who you want to get out of your unpleasant past –you need to clear all of them out.

  • Limited decisions you made in the past generally restricts you and allow you to create the future the way we say we want it to be.

  • All your decisions filter your awareness. All your limited decisions can allow you to experience the range of choices that you really have.

What is a limited decision making?

Maybe in the past, you decided that it was not OK for you to feel good about yourself, or not OK for you to experience your magnificence, or only bad things happen to you, or you are not as important as others, or you are not lovable. Maybe sometime in the past you decided that it was not OK for you to be smart, or not OK for you to express yourself clearly, or not OK for you to be able to have good relationships or maybe in the past you decided that you could not have good relationships — with your children, or with the opposite sex.

Falling in a bad situation over and over and you are saying to yourself, “Why does this always happen to me?” And of course, it did happen to you!! Did you decide in the past that something always had to happen to you? But what I find is that after changing the decision that things would be and are different.

Has it ever happen to you that you ask your family member to bring salt and pepper shakers and right away you hear them saying, I don’t know where it is and then when they go to the pantry they say I can’t find it. Therefore, you have to go and you find it, and it was right in front of their face, but they didn’t see it. Because their decision was that they can’t find it while it was there. As if they couldn’t see it. Why? Because they had already decided that they weren’t there, their unconscious mind blocked it out of their awareness.

One way you can tell if you have made a limited decision is if you often hear yourself use the word, “can’t,” with regard to the things you want to be or do. Do you ever say, “Gee I’d like to do better but I just can’t,” if you do that it may be there’s a limited decision which we need to clear! Maybe you decided “I cannot have a good relationship,” or “I cannot have long-term relationships.” How many times do you say I cannot have that or I cannot do that?

We make decisions that run our actions, also in our past and they run our lives in the present and our future. So what form of decisions did you decide in the past that restricts you and you want to get rid of it right now?

One of the common issues with low self-esteem due to a decision a person made in his and her past that she did not deserve good things, weren’t good enough and felt inferior socially. Some people believed that she didn’t deserve to have a good relationship with a man or woman. 

  • So, as you think about it, ask your unconscious mind, have you ever made a decision about yourself which causes you to think that you are anything less than totally magnificent? Did you ever decide to be clumsy, to be a slow learner; to be helpless; lazy; stubborn; you would always have bad luck; that other people wouldn’t like you; that you were not good enough?

  • So what we want to do right now, is to clear up those things, those silly little things that keep us limited.

  • So think about this for a moment. What kind of decisions have you made in the past that restricts you? What kind of decisions do you need to clarify here that will allow you to begin to express your magnificence?


Think of all the restricted decisions you have made in your life. How many were recent? Even last week. So what it is that holds you back? What form of decision do you want to let go of?

Decision making can be really tough, especially when you have to make those really big decisions. Learn how to make better choices. Caravan Counselling can help you to unlock your greatness and achieve what you want in your life.




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