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May 28, 2021


Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind, Reshape Your Body!

  1. You will learn practical hacks to help you instantly gain control over your eating habits and change your lifestyle.

  2. You will discover powerful methods to get premium results.

  3. You will learn everything you need to be able to gain control over your eating habits easily and effortlessly.

  4. You will discover new effective, applicable, and easy-to-use strategies to resist your urges.

  5. You will discover powerful methods that will save you time and energy to control your emotional habits.

  6. After this course, you will never behave the same around food, guaranteed!

  7. Discover today how easily you can detest the foods that are hard for you to resist.

Stop all yo-yo dieting and start to experience your renewed relationship with food

Who Is This Program For:

  • Are you constantly being conscious about and unhappy with your weight?

  • Has your weight gone up gradually over the past few years?

  • Have you repeatedly tried losing weight over the years?

  • Have you tried various diets to lose weight only to find they do not work long-term?

  • Do you feel like you are endlessly seeking a new magical diet that works?

  • Did you lose some weight and then gained it right back or even more?


If these questions resonate with you and if you answered yes to some, then you may want to continue reading to see how you can approach your weight issue at a deeper level by learning to shift your strategies of mind.


Who We Are:


Caravan Counselling is a privately-owned psychotherapy center, catering to the needs of individuals, couples, and groups. We utilize state-of-the-art and innovative techniques to help engage, motivate, and empower our clients towards positive change in various aspects of their lives.

How We're Different:


What should you do instead of dieting then? In a nutshell, you should deal with the root causes of your weight problem by changing your strategies of mind.


Your unconscious mind is the infinite power that is shaping your life experiences. Even the patterns of your conscious mind have been coded and guided by your subconscious beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and interpretations. In other words, your subconscious mind is the conductor of the symphony of your life. It is the part of you that builds all of your habits, and your pre-programmer that designs all of your actions. This includes all of your responses in every situation, be it the actions you take each day, or even the level of income you earn to the types of food you eat, the shape of your body, your weight. Therefore, your actions will change only when you change the programs that guide all of your actions.


In Caravan Counselling, we will help you by enabling you to reprogram your unconscious mind. This means you will be able to effectively change your eating habits which can lead to addressing the root cause of your weight problem.


Through Our Weight Loss Program You Will Learn:

   1.   Learn the key psychological ingredients that are related to effective self-control.

  • Set the right start​

  • Know why you eat what you eat

  • Eliminate your carving

  • Use small daily goals to keep you on track


​   2. Learn the fundamental steps to reprogram your unconscious mind in your weight loss journey.

  • Mental detox

  • What is inside of you

  • Nourish yourself

  • 3 magic words in weight loss


  3. Learn effective and practical strategies to resist temptations and stick to your long-term goals.

  • Learn to limit your information intake so you don't get overwhelmed

  • Be in control of your eating habits in your social gathering​

  • How to control over your eating or binging urges.

  4. Learn how to develop healthy eating habits.

  • Chane your self-image

  • Know who you are

  • Know what triers your habits

  • Apply a personalized mindset for weight loss

  5. Learn how to create habits that fulfill your needs and your lifestyle.

  • Create Effective Weight Loss Habits

  • Know why habits matter

  • Create new habits for better weight loss

  • Choose the right triggers


  6. Learn how to become capable of losing your extra weight and keeping it off for life.

  • Create the Right Environment for Weight Loss

  • Create a lifestyle for a healthy weight

  • Learn to fundamentally cope with stress instead of over-eating


  7. Learn how to avoid weight loss relapses.

  • How to Build Self-Discipline

  • Learn how to master your willpower 

  • Learn how to visualize your ideal body for more motivation

  • Learn the 8 steps to develop self-discipline 


  8. Learn how one small change in mental strategy can make a huge and long-lasting difference.

  • Overcome Common Problems

  • Change your lifestyle instead of changing diets

  • Learn how to track your progress effectively

  • Learn the 6 psychological tricks to overcome your cravings

  9. Learn about our eating habits and the psychology behind what we eat.

  • Calm your mind

  • Deal with the anxieties in your life

  10. Learn about effective and practical strategies to resist temptations and stick to your long-term goals.

  • Create the body that you deserve

  • Step into your power

  • Buil the confidence to eat right


Included in the Program:

  • 10 online group sessions. These sessions are scheduled on weekends and are kept short and to the point so you can easily fit them into your schedule and immediately take action.

  • A workbook (a digitally fillable PDF) to work through and discover who you are.

  • My new e-book on emotional eating.

  • 2 digital audio files for reprograming your unconscious mind towards ‘How to stop binge eating" and ‘How to become physically more active.

  • A hypnosis audio file for fundamentally changing your self-image.


Enroll now to start boosting your wellbeing, lose fat, and feel great!


This program is suitable for men and women who face problems losing weight and keeping it off.

  •  Investment: $900 (+GST)

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